Avengers Endgame needs a miracle to surpass Avatar’s worldwide collection


What looked certain not long ago is looking more and more difficult now. Avengers: Endgame will likely not be able to cross Avatar’s worldwide box office earnings by the time it is out of theaters.

A report in Forbes says Endgame has crossed what could be its final benchmark. It has crossed the domestic total of Jurassic Park, when adjusted for inflation. So far Endgame has earned 825.82 million dollars in North America. It will be a miracle if Endgame breaks any more records.



At the worldwide box office, it has minted 2.73 billion dollars so far. Avatar ended its box office run with 2.78 billion dollars. Even a summer like this with multiple box office disappointments is taking its toll on the big Marvel conclusion. Even box office bombs are eating into the earnings of Endgame and it has become tough for it to survive.